ChiroHouse – Chiropraktik Berlin

Projekt. Logodesign, Branding und fully Responsive Website..

Auftraggeber. Joan Montserrat, Doctor of Chiropractic, Master in Neurowissenschaften, Gründer des Chirohouse und des Berlin Movement Lab – spezialisiert in den Bereichen Bereichen Sport, Artistik, Tanz und Musik..

Branche. Gesundheit, Medizin..

Leistungen. Corporate Design, Geschäftspapiere, Screen- und Webdesign..

Jana Kiewitt was in charge of the corporate concept, website, logo and advertisement material of my clinic ChiroHouse. The result is beyond expectations. Thanks to Mrs Kiewitt, ChiroHouse has now become one of the fastest growing clinic in Europe.

Mrs Kiewitt has been listening to all my requests and created a simple and efficient concept out of it. The work was done on time, her view on the concept was always sharp. On top of that, all of the process was done in a friendly (but professional) atmosphere.

The investment made is nothing compared to the benefit it brought to me. Since the website is online, nearly 50% of the new patients comes through it and the clinic’s profit as been multiplied by 10. A big part of this financial success is related to our strong concept and online presence.

I recommend Mrs Kiewitt to anybody who would like to successfully grow and improve their image. Investing in Jana Kiewitt’s work will be a part of your success as it has been part of mine.


Joan Montserrat
Doctor of Chiropractic
ChiroHouse owner

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